Our custom-made "Museum Series" trees are giant woodland trees that grow out of the floor and touch the ceiling. For that reason they can be flat-topped or full-round. The trunks are made out of a special material which can be molded to look like any variety of bark. Real branches come out of the sturdy trunk and can be foliated in oak, maple, ficus, pine, or any other type of leaf that you desire.

This sample Oak tree is set up in our Mall Silks showroom. The trunks are hollow, leaving them adaptable to many different applications. Here, we've inserted a monitor into the trunk to show informational videos as our customers tour the showroom. Or you can add speakers, security cameras, indirect lighting, or anything else you can think of.

The closeup (above center) shows the real branch structure as it comes out of the artificial molded trunk.

With our unique anchoring method, no decorative container is needed, and the trees look they are growing directly out of the floor.

Many unique capabilities can be built into the trees. Steel framework can be incorporated so that the branches can support weight or items can be inserted into the tree such as swings or a tree-house.

This ficus tree is being constructed in a new children's bookstore and has a hollow trunk that the children can crawl through.

Here our trees are installed in the waiting room of a new children's unit at a hospital in Pittsburgh. The feel of an enchanted storybook forest was created, and a matching
mural was painted by a local artist.


This huge 20 ft. flat-topped tree gives the appearance of a gigantic 40-50 ft. tree growing inside a building. The tree does not take up alot of valuable floor space.

The tree in this photo was foliated with Ficus leaves. Both the foliage and the trunks are inherently fire retarded.

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