Giant oak trees, along with maple, banyan and ficus, give the feel of an outdoor park to this interior setting. The trunks in these photos are 36" in diameter.

ABOVE: We designed and manufactured a custom 15 ft. diameter tree trunk, supported by an internal steel structure which holds an actual life-size treehouse. People can walk inside through the hollow trunk up into the house.

LEFT: A wooden deck and walkway were constructed around a soaring ficus. These trees are completely sturdy and virtually indestructible. In many cases the trunks surround and hide structural support columns of the building.

Above is a 12 ft. ficus tree with a 15 ft. spread. It adds enchantment to the village setting in this children's entertainment complex.

LEFT: A 20 ft. indoor pine tree astounds visitors. It is free-standing and bolted to the floor via an internal steel base. This tree can literally be assembled on-site in a few hours.

Natural looking bark imperfections are one of the charming, interesting features of our Museum Series molded trunks. Knotholes, scars, openings, carvings, pruned branches, holes, etc., add realism and character. They can be created to hide yet access electrical outlets, switches, drains, or water sources. Trunks can be textured and painted
in an infinite variety of ways.

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