(1/15)  This new 12' Banyan Tree with dragonwood trunks was made for an office building in Florida. Notice the spiraling “air roots” that add to the realistic look of this tree.

(2/15)  Huge 24 ft. Shady Lady and Autumn Maple trees being fitted into their concrete bases. These are on maple trunks.

(3/15)  Our crew tapers the trunks on this Shady Lady to fit easily into the PVC pipe within the weighted concrete base.

(4/15)  These are single-trunk Ficus trees in decorative containers. The trees are approximately 12 ft. high.

(5/15)  18 ft. Shady Ladies in decorative containers with underplantings.

(6/15)  An order of 12 ft. Shady Lady trees being constructed in our manufacturing area. These are in solid steel pipe base plates which can then go into a decoartive container.

(7/15)  Pine trees can be configured with any length of open trunk in sizes up to 20 feet.

(8/15)  12 ft. Shady Lady trees with live underplantings in a hotel lobby.

(9/15)   Shady Lady tree, spathiphyllums, bromeliads & bamboo rejuvenate this office complex.

(10/15)  Mall Silks Black olive tree.

(11/15)  Mall Silks Black Olive tree on real black olive trunk.

(12/15)   Oak, pine, birch and aspen on real wood trunks, underplanted with arbs, hostas and ferns make an interesting hallway at this elementary school in Canada.

(13/15)  Double-trunk 18 ft. Shady Ladies in this mall food court.

(14/15)  Multi-trunk 14 ft. birch on real birch trunks.

(15/15)  Birch trees being installed in a NYC restaurant.