(1/9)  25 ft. bamboo on synthetic canes.

(2/9)  A planting of real bamboo canes with artificial bamboo foliage helps hide a wall in an unusual residential setting.

(3/9)   Real bamboo canes just lightly foliated at the top enhance the ambience of this modern upscale cafeteria and also act as a screen/divider.

(4/9)   Tightly packed unfoliated real bamboo canes, along with artificial orchids and grasses, make a very contemporary planter arrangement outside a casino restaurant.


(6/9)   Dense bamboo foliage on synthetic canes which were stained green. Installation of ground cover is not completed and the heavy concrete bases can be seen inside the planters.

(7/9)  This is our manufacturing facility as we prepare the heavy concrete bases for the bamboo in the previous photo. The green-stained synthetic canes are drying in the back.

(8/9)   Bamboo plants in containers make a beautiful and unexpected addition to any office or lobby.

(9/9)   A large order of 15 ft. bamboo on real bamboo canes being constructed in our manufacturing facility. These are potted in grow pots with foam, gravel beneath the foam for weight.