This is the first step in the process. You will be directed to one of our on-staff designers who will assist you in determining which Mall Silks products are best suited for your project. Our design team and personnel are trained in various professional backgrounds including arboriculture, horticulture, landscape design and construction.

Because Mall Silks is a division of one of the nation's largest and most experienced interior landscape companies, you are certain to achieve a quality outcome. Also at this stage, we will work with your project design team or architect to provide detailed specifications for the product to be used.


After all of the design details have been decided, our artistic production team brings the design to life. We design and engineer each project independently for your specific needs and your products are made to specifications, on time and with in budget.

Because of the size of our workforce, we also have the ability to ramp up production for those time sensitive projects and get them to you on time. Our artists and craftsmen in the production department have a commitment to delivering product on time.


After your product is complete and ready to ship, we will work with the project contractors and design team to schedule the installation. We will arrange for our crews to show up on site and will manage the installation of our materials from beginning to end. 

For projects that need to be accomplished on a tight budget, we also offer an installation assistance program where one of our technicians is sent to the site to help oversee the installation and the bulk of the labor is provided by a local contractor or the client. 

Whether it is a hotel, resort, casino, cruise ship, theater or large office building, our crews have experience installing Mall Silks products for many types of clients.



Mall Silks manufactures and sells all of its products to a large international wholesale market. These are companies that purchase the products that we manufacture at a discounted rate and resell them and/or install them for their clients. 

To purchase wholesale from Mall Silks, we require proof of your resell license and full business contact information. We do offer credit terms for purchase with a prior credit approval. 

Some of our wholesale clients include interior landscape contractors, general contractors, architects, florists, and online silk plant retailers. 


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